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November Socks: Hermione's Everyday Socks

Sock Club

By Sarah Eichhorn

Sometime over the summer, during an open knitting session at Wild Haven, the idea of a “sock club” was tossed out into the wild. Like a club that would meet a couple times a month to knit socks together. The first thing I thought of with the idea was, “This sounds like a club where I belong.” I’ve been knitting socks for ten years, and have a stash that needs a club to attend to it. I was glad to learn that I wasn’t alone in my sock knitting passion, and that Sock Club at Wild Haven Fiber Company was going to commence in November.

The first Thursday in November brought cheese curds and boxed wine and a group of passionate knitters in the community. The group was given Hermione’s Everyday Socks as the first Sock Club pattern. I had brought a hand dyed skein of yarn with me that I knew was going to be perfect for the pattern. Having knit Hermione’s socks earlier in the year for a friend, I was excited to revisit the pattern and knit a pair of socks for myself. The pattern is timeless, and has a great pattern repeat to keep your interest while knitting the leg of the sock. I’m also particularly fond of the Eye-of-the-Partridge heel flap.


During the course of the month, people started posting photos of their progress on the socks. It was so fantastic to see how this textured pattern reads on different colors and hand painted yarns. One woman used some beautiful kettle dyed wool in a beige tone, and the sock looked so elegant. Another woman used a hand painted neon colored superwash, and it looked so wild and fun! It continually amazes me the impact color has on any knitting project.

The temperature has finally started to drop here in Milwaukee, and just in time for all of us in Sock Club to get cozy in our Hermione socks. I’ve worn my socks at least three times since finishing them, and each time I smile, because I’m part of a community that loves to knit socks just as much as I do.

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